In this era of instant gratification, silver bullet solutions and over-extended lives, the one area 

where the day-to day short-cuts are most prevalent, is in the area of food. 


The food industry is a behemoth monster, gobbling up trends, providing mis-information and 

selling consumers instant products that are rarely good for our health. 


In addition to this – almost to counteract this – is the selling of so-called “health products” or 

supplements which many people falsely believe are going to improve their health and 



In a recent cover story published by New Scientist in December 2018, by Linda Geddes, the 

key message from a scientific perspective is that “popping pills to boost your diet feels like a no 

brainer, but supplements often don’t work – and could even do you harm”. 


Studies conducted as Randomised Control Trials (RCT’s) have shown that the health benefits 

you would expect from consuming typical supplements are not present and “don’t match 

observational studies of populations who eat large quantities of food containing those 



JoAnn Mason, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health in Boston 

takes it one step further and talks about actual increased risks to our health by taking high 

doses of dietary supplements. “I think we have to be aware that, especially at high doses, 

dietary supplements may not be entirely free of risk. Routine micronutrient supplementation of 

the general population is not recommended”. 


It is now standard thought amongst the scientific community that separating out certain 

compounds from the original plant source means that those compounds have little effect when 

not wrapped up and consumed, the way nature intended within natural food. 


The bottom line is the best food for our bodies is whole plant food that includes the entire cell of 

the plant in tact, and all of the available phytonutrients from that plant being available for our 

bodies to enable us access all the health benefits. 


Super Sprout powders are not supplements, they are the whole plants, which we gently freeze 

dry and mill before popping them into the tub for ease and convenience of use. Just add our 

pure plant food to all of your favourite meals and drinks for a fantastic nutritional boost. 


Source: New Scientist December 2018. Australia.