Teen and School Age

Teens and School Age Users of Super Sprout

Reasons and benefits as to why children should use Super Sprout

Proper Nutrition is Critical

Like early childhood. proper nutrition is crucial for teenage growth and development.

Is Your Child Eating Healthy

Children already eating healthy diets are well prepared for the adolescent growth spurt. The spurt usually occurs at age ten for girls and twelve for boys.

Teenagers will need large amounts of energy for their growth spurt. For this reason, foods high in fat or sugar are sorely tempting.

Kids Succumb to Temptation

Eating a poor diet now means higher blood pressure and increased fatty streaks.

Poor Diets Leads to Problems Later In Life

Unfortunately, the majority of teenagers succumb to temptation and the progression of heart disease continues.

Instead, energy needs to come from nuts, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Make sure you get the Vital 5+2 and plenty of calcium for your growing bones. Calcium rich foods include Kale and Broccoli.

Teenagers Need Large Amounts of Energy

There are additional benefits.

Improve Your Child’s Attention, Mood and Productivity

Teenagers who eat more fruits and vegetables have improved attention, productivity and mood.

All these increase the likelihood of higher school grades and better financial wealth. Super Sprout makes it easy to achieve the “Vital 5+2” every day of this critical growth phase.


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