Using Super Sprout Whilst Being Pregnant

Nutritious whole foods are vital during these stages

During Pregnancy

it will come as no shock that growing bodies need a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Fatty Streaks in Newborns

Expectant mothers should ensure they meet the Vital 5+2 and eat as healthy as they can.

Scientists have found fatty streaks in newborn babies. which suggests heart disease can start during pregnancy.

Poor Diet to Blame

Poor diet can lead to smaller birth weights, shrunken head sizes and can affect cognitive development, resulting in a lower IQ.


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Should I Be Eating Differently


Unless you’re already eating the ‘perfect’ diet, you should probably make some changes. Whole foods and a wide range of fruits and vegetables should make up most of your diet.

How Important is Nutrition During Pregnancy?

What you eat and drink during your pregnancy is critical to your baby’s health.

It can be the difference between life and death.

Certain foods increase the chance of miscarriage or stillbirth. Some are linked with severe physical and learning disabilities. and can affect a child’s developmental growth in later life. Good nutrition during pregnancy has many benefits. For the mother, it means less unnecessary weight gain and a decreased risk of gestational diabetes. Pregnancy can mean morning sickness. constipation. tiredness and hormonal changes that make eating anything difficult.

Many women use multi-vitamins. to make sure they get everything they need. This may not be the best idea. according to this article. Folates are good for your baby and there is strong evidence to suggest this can help prevent Neural Tube Disorders. Folates are found in broccoli, broccoli sprouts, beetroot and dark leafy greens.

Folic Acid supplements are heavily promoted by pharmaceutical companies for pregnant women. However. this article shows why this man-made supplement may not be the best for you.

Are There Certain Foods I Should Avoid While I’m Pregnant?


There are three serious complications you need to watch out for during pregnancy and all of them are caused by food.


Avoid pate. soft cheeses, pre-packaged salads and sushi. There’s a high chance you’ll contract a bacterium from these foods, called Listeria.

1 in 5 Listeria infections during pregnancy result in the death of the unborn baby.


3 out of 5 babies whose mothers contract toxoplasmosis are born dead. This is nasty…

It’s caused by eating fruit or vegetables that haven’t been washed properly.

That’s right. you need to be eating more fruits and vegetables but you really need to make sure you wash everything thoroughly.


10% of American women of childbearing age carry enough mercury in their bloodstream to put their developing children at risk.

Too much mercury causes impaired neurological development in your baby.

It’s vital you avoid:

  • Shark
  • Ray
  • Swordfish
  • Gemfish
  • Orange roughy

Turn any food into