There are a wide range of health benefits to feeding your newborns Super Sprout

For Newborns

Medical professionals promote breastfeeding as the best food for newborn babies.

Lower Risk Of Allergies

Breastmilk contains antibodies. When you breastfeed a child for 6 months or more, you lower the risk of allergies. childhood asthma and infection.

Nursing Mum’s should continue to eat a healthy diet and ensure they achieve their Vital 5+2.

Boost Your Baby’s lntake

Your baby will begin to eat solids at around 6 months old. Professionals recommend homemade fruit and vegetable purees. Yoghurt and specialty rice formulas are also favorites. You can use Super Sprout to boost your baby’s fruit and vegetable intake.

Helping them get their Vital 5+2 makes sense in both the short and long term. You can use Super Sprout to ‘smuggle’ fruits and vegetables into the food of your fussy eater.

Form Healthy Eating Habits

If you don’t form healthy eating habits for your child, there are plenty of immediate and long-term downsides. No parent wants their child to be in the first stages of heart disease. America’s leading killer, before they’re even a teenager. But fatty streaks are present in almost all children over ten years old.

Being Bullied At School Can Be Devastating

Childhood obesity is rife. As well as the health implications there are also mental issues to consider. Being bullied at school because you’re fat can be devastating. For both children and parents. Super Sprout makes it easier for you and your family to get your Vital 5+2 every day.

Perfect Products for Newborns

See below for a great selection of Super Sprout products that will aid with your newborns health and well being.

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