What makes Super Sprout Powders so good for us?

Experience the benefits of nature’s most powerful ingredients…

What are Super Sprout Powders?

Here at Super Sprout, we are revolutionising the way we consume our daily nutrients. Our pure powders are made from natural whole foods with no GMO’s or hidden additives. That’s right. Natural powders made from 100% real fruit and vegetables! Simply scoop, add and boost any of your meals or drinks and make any food superfood in just a few seconds.

Eating clean, simple whole foods doesn’t have to be hard. Super Sprout Powders provide a convenient solution for your health that will not only help you eat better but get you to love you what you eat! Choose from our delicious range of fruit and vegetable powders…



  • The only powder proven to be ‘bioactive’ & produce high levels of Sulforaphane
  • The only brand that organically grow their own soil free ‘sprouts’
  • The only 100% pure, Australian made broccoli sprouts
  • We only talk about real, fact-based scientific results!



The Power of the Powder

Experience the powerful benefits nature has to offer. We have sourced some of the world’s most beneficial fruits and vegetables and transformed them into concentrated 100% natural powders. Our freeze drying process means there is no loss of flavour or nutrients so you can enjoy delicious, fresh whole food in a convenient way to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re sick of not being able to buy your favourite fruits at the supermarket because they are out of season, stress no more! Super Sprout Powders let you enjoy your favourite food all year round. With a long shelf life, you can store any of our fruit and veggie powders in your cupboard or fridge, ready to add into your breakfasts, lunches, drinks or dinners for an easy daily dose of nutrients.

Benefits of Super Sprout Powders

With proven health benefits, the fruits and vegetables we use all have extremely beneficial effects on the human body. Experience the difference both mentally and physically with an all natural alternative that will boost your body with the vitality and natural energy it needs. Here’s just a few of the many benefits of Super Sprout’s Powders….


  • Made from 100% pure fruit and vegetables
  • Convenient way to get your daily 5 (2 fruits + 3 vegetables)
  • Get health benefits from nature’s most powerful plants
  • Organically grown, NO GMO’s, NO additives or fillers
  • Start eating real fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • Long shelf life – Enjoy your favourite superfoods all year round
  • Cost-effective nutritional solution for all ages
  • Real whole food NOT supplements or meal replacements
  • Freeze-dried and concentrated to perfection
  • Gluten Free, Paleo Compatible
  • 100% Australian Made produce


Make any Food Superfood!

Our fresh whole food powders can be added to your favourite meals to boost what you eat and drink, giving you the critical nutrients your body needs. Just Scoop, Add and Boost! Simply sprinkle any of our delicious powders into and onto meals and drinks and enjoy the taste of your favourite fruits and vegetables easily every day. Add as much or as little powder as you desire to create tasty, healthy recipes that are not only full of flavour but are packed with nutritional goodness.Enjoy the ease, convenience and health benefits of turning any of the foods you love, into superfood!

Perfect for fussy eaters! Super Sprout Powders make cooking and eating healthy food fun for the whole family, including the fussy eaters. The bright, natural colours of our powders create a fun and exciting experience for kids. They can turn potato mash purple with the added nutrients of beetroot or even make delicious blueberry pancakes using our yummy Blueberry Powder. The subtle taste of our powders make it easy to mix into almost every family meal to power up your food with nutrients your body needs.


Convenient Nutrition Ideal for any Lifestyle

Super Sprout make getting your recommended daily 5 easy. Without having to completely change your lifestyle and eating habits, you can start eating healthy and boosting your meals with powerful fruits and vegetables. With the busy lives we live, finding the time to buy and cook nutritious meals for the family can become a time-consuming task. Thankfully we have come up with the answer.

Super Sprout powders are a convenient, natural way to give back to your body. Ideal for all ages (1 to 101 years!) and lifestyles, our delicious powders can be used to increase the flavour in your meals, boost nutrition in your smoothies. They can even be taken in capsule form. Offering pure non-blended powders in a range of tub sizes, provides a time saving solution to getting real whole food nutrition into your diet every day.


The Super Sprout Story

Super Sprout is an Australian owned family business. We specialise in growing, and producing 100% pure all natural fruit & vegetable powders for both the Australian & global food market around the world. With various health problems on the rise globally and our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables on the decline we came up with a convenient nutritional solution that can help you get the nutrients your body needs.

The busy lives we live can be often make it difficult to source, cook and keep healthy, clean food for you and your family. Here’s where Super Sprout comes in and can really make a difference in your life. By packing the world’s best superfoods into tubs you can now conveniently access your favourite nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables straight from your cupboard or fridge for months on end. Our freeze-drying process is the key to out success. By freeze drying plants with highly beneficial properties we can retain all of their nutrients, minerals and delicious flavours so you can eat your favourite fruits and veggies all year long and enjoy the same taste and benefits as if you bought it at the supermarket.

Did you know that in Australia, 4 in 5 of us are not getting enough fruit and vegetables every day? This means that a huge percentage of the population is nutrient deficient. Without the natural vitamins & minerals needed to fuel our bodies accessible on a regular basis, our stamina and energy levels are depleted. If you’re not eating at least 2 fruits and 5 vegetables every day you could be seriously harming your body and increasing your risk of disease. Be the change today and give back to your body with 100% natural, whole food powders that will make you feel great!

Turn any food into