60+ Years of Age

60+ Years of Age

The average person lives for 15 years with chronic disease.

It’s Still Not Too Late

Our life expectancy is an average of 80 years but 15 years with chronic disease. Even if you haven’t eaten a healthy diet, and haven’t achieved your daily Vital 5+2 up until now. You can still improve your standard of living by eating healthy. For example. brown spots on the back of the hand are caused by oxidized fat under the skin. (This is also thought to be the same reason we get wrinkles.)

Eating antioxidants is the best way to slow this fat oxidation.

Neutralise Free Radical Damage

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. including a particular type called ’carotenoids’. Carotenoid antioxidants help neutralise free radical damage to cells. Blueberries also help improve memory abilities in older adults displaying early signs of cognitive deterioration.

It’s not just blueberries.

Lower Blood Pressure and The Risk Of Stroke

Eating more fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and decreases artery stiffness. Eating one extra serving of fruit daily reduces the chance of dying from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by 24%. (COPD is a common but nasty lung disease which makes it difficult to breathe.)

Getting your Vital 5+2 can help you fight chronic disease and live longer.

How Not to Die

The introduction and inspiration for Michael Greger’s book, the New York Time’s bestseller, “How Not To Die” is the story of his grandmother, Frances Greger. Doctors sent Frances home to die with end-stage heart disease.

She had already had so many bypass operations that the surgeons ‘ran out of plumbing‘ to perform further surgery. At 65, she suffered from crushing chest pain. and she was confined to a wheelchair.

Her life was effectively over.

She Cast The Wheelchair To One Side

Frances switched her diet and undertook a graded exercise program. Within only 3 weeks, she cast the wheelchair to one side and started walking again.

She was able to walk 10 miles each day after that. The doctors had told her she wouldn’t live more than a few weeks. Frances ended up living until she was 96.

Crazy eh?


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