20-40 Years of Age

20-40 Years of Age

If you eat the American Standard diet, this is your wake-up call.

Avoid Chronic Disease Before It’s Too Late

Teenage ‘fatty streaks’ will have turned into full-blown plaques and some people will already have 90% of their arteries blocked. At age 20 ‘tangles in the brain’. the first silent stages of Alzheimer’s disease are present in 10% of the population. These ‘tangles’ are preventable by eating more plant based foods.

Diet Dictates Your Health in Later Years

You may look good on the outside during these years, even if inside there are problems brewing. Your diet during early adulthood through to your 405 will largely dictate your health in your 50s, 605s and beyond.

It’s Time To Start Eating Right

Do you want to be destined for a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, mobility scooters and a multitude of surgical procedures? A smoker who quits for 15 years reduces the risk of a heart attack to about the same chances as someone who has never smoked. It’s a good analogy and. just like a smoker, it’s time to quit eating a poor diet.

Reduce the Risk of Premature Death

Getting your Vital 5+2 “‘ and eating healthily now can help prevent and even reverse the onset of chronic disease and reduce the risk of premature death.

Set an Example for Your Kids

If you’re expecting a child, you should look at our pregnancy nutrition page. If you already have kids, you should set an example and help them form healthy food habits.

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