Power up your smooothies with Super Sprout


Get your daily dose of fruit and veg in just a few spoon fulls!

With the busy lifestyles we live, even the most organised person can struggle to find the time to source and consume the right amount of nutrients. Smoothies are a great and convenient way to get the necessary fruits and vegetables our bodies need every day.

Whether you’re a fan of fruit smoothies or you prefer to start your day with a blend of greens, finding a tasty and healthy drink to suit your taste buds is easy. However, when it comes to finding organic ingredients that are in season and have the most nutritional value, it can be hard.

With our planet’s soil becoming more and more nutrient-deficient, the fruit, vegetables and food we buy at the supermarket are not as nutrient-dense as we once believed. If you want to maintain a healthy diet and make your smoothies matter, sourcing organic food that is grown naturally without the use of pesticides is crucial.

Take your smoothies to the next level with this simple trick!

Super Sprout Whole Food Powders are a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to boost the nutritional value of your drinks. With a variety of fruit and vegetable powders to choose from, you can easily get the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables and enjoy delicious power-packed smoothies that will kick start your day.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about another one of those diet drinks or supplements that make you reinvent the wheel! When we say 100% natural, we mean it. Super Sprout Powders are made from freeze-dried, certified organic plants and have zero additives. With a scoop of powder in your smoothie every day, you can help replenish and detoxify your body with the natural goodness of organic fruit and vegetables.

Fan of a fruit smoothie?

Try adding Blueberry Powder!

Blueberries are an extremely powerful superfood that have strong links to various health benefits. These delicious berries not only taste great but are one of the highest sources of antioxidants among fruits. Containing thousands of phytonutrients, blueberries are particularly powerful when it comes to improving health.

However with their short growing seasons, this power- packed fruit can be hard to source all year round and is often quite expensive because of this. Super Sprout’s Blueberry Powder is the perfect, convenient solution. Mix a few spoonfuls into your morning smoothies to boost your antioxidant levels as well as your vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E intake. Whether you prefer frozen or fresh, fruit or veg or you like to mix things up, Super Sprout’s powders are the perfect addition every kind of smoothie.

Enjoy the goodness of blueberries in the easiest way possible! Try Super Sprout Blueberry Powder today.