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All Hail Kale!

The Ultimate Food Champion has arrived.

Did you know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends Kale as one of the healthiest vegetables around?.

As part of the ‘cruciferous vegetable’ family, they recommend eating this healthy green plant at least 3-4 times per week.

If you’re serious about your health – diversify your food groups by including this nutrient rich champion into your daily eating plan to ensure you ‘re accessing essential nutrition for long term health & well being that you and your family deserve.

  • Kale is known source of Vitamin C and K.
  • Kale Sprouts are a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants.
  • Kale Sprouts in their infancy, offer higher levels of dense nutrition than found in mature plants.
  • Vitamin K is a key nutrient for helping regulate our body’s inflammatory processes. Super Sprout Kale Sprout has Vitamin K.
  • Accessing a trusted and reliable source of pure Kale Sprout powder will never be difficult again.
  • Treat Super Sprout Kale Sprout Powder just like fresh food – add as little or much, to any drink, meal, or recipe. Simply add to taste.
  • 100% pure Australian grown produce with nothing added.
  • This product will last in a cool dry place for up to 3 months once opened.
  • Our powders are concentrated so you don’t have to use as much.