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The World’s #1 Brand for Broccoli Sprout Powder.

Add some Super Sprout 100% pure, Broccoli Sprout Powder to your meals today!

Did you know that broccoli sprouts are harvested at exactly 6 days old – the peak of their nutritional goodness?

Struggle to get your greens? Super Sprout is the solution for you!

  • There are many types of cruciferious vegatables available but it’s only the broccoli sprouts that produce the most ‘sulforaphane’ under the right circumstances
  • Broccoli Sprouts are 30 times better than broccoli
  • Super Sprout broccoli sprout powder has been independently scientifically tested for nutritional values and sulforaphone yields
  • Sulforaphane is the ‘switch’ necessary to create healthy cells
  • We grow our Broccoli Sprouts from 100% ‘Non –GMO’ seed
  • Great fuel source to feel fuller for longer
  • Quick & easy delivery system – Scoop, Add, Boost – leaving more time for lifestyle activities.

$160 per kilo

Certificate of Analysis Issued with every Order.

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