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The SuperSprout range of products is trusted and recommended by top healthcare professionals, athletes and entertainers who choose SuperSprout to support their specific health needs.

Clinical Nutritionist

Alexandra Osellame

Alexandra Osellame graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health with degree in Health Science, majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. She is also an accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association. Alexandra is currently studying her Master of Human Nutrition at Deakin University this year.

Alexandra works as a Clinical Nutritionist at Bergamo Chiropractic and Nutrition (located in Melbourne, Skype consultations also available). She specialises in mental health (anxiety, depression), insomnia, gut health (IBS, IBD, bloating, food intolerances, celiac disease) and pre-conception and pregnancy care.

Alexandra has a strong passion for helping others and enjoys building strong relationships with her clients, where she develops an individualised treatment plan. Alexandra offers her clients education, skills, lifestyle recommendations, dietary changes and supplements to help achieve your short and long-term goals.

For professional nutritional advise related to Super Sprout powdered foods, ask for Alex at her clinic.


Super Sprout Distributor

Steve Cornelius

Steve Cornelius is a familiar face on the Gold Coast swimming circuit, having been involved in both competing and coaching for over 20 years.

Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer and overcoming the odds to continue doing what he loves, the local legend is showing no signs of slowing down.

In an attempt to change his overall approach toward leading a more conscious and healthier lifestyle, Steve has now become a Super Sprout Distributor sharing the benefits of what eating pure, real whole foods can offer to anyone wanting to keep fit on both the outside and the inside.

Contact Steve for product purchase on email –



Lois Hermansson

Doing age well… at 81 years young, Lois is the image of what we’d all like to aspire to when we reach this fantastic age!

Born in 1938 in Christchurch New Zealand Lois moved to the beaches of Queensland 20 years ago to retire. Warm temperatures and good weather all year round was what she was looking for to add that last element needed to fulfill overall health and happiness.

Having had 2 hip replacements, 1 knee replacement and a heart value reconstruction, Lois doesn’t shy away from confronting the impacts, and wear and tear of time, to allow them to hold her back from being the best she can be at all times.

Knowing the benefits of and eating good quality nutritious foods all her life is what Lois says she believes as being the key to her overall good health and wellness.


Track and Field Athlete

Mikayla Sasson

Mikayla Sasson is a young track and field athlete who at 19 is aspiring to become the fastest ‘100 meter sprinter’ at the prestigious and competitive level of NCAA Division 111, New Jersey, USA.

Mikayla’s journey to greatness has included hurdles to both health issues and injuries – however for such a young person, she demonstrates a wisdom toward health and wellness that allows her to continue to go from ‘good to great!’.


Three-time Green Jersey Winner of the Tour de France

Robbie McEwen

Big fan of Super Sprout!!!

Being a former professional Athlete, now professional commentator for the Tour De France, his nutrition is a high priority for day-to-day living, and needs to be as easy as possible to become part our your daily routine.

Robbie McEwen loves Super Sprout Beetroot Powder. 

He simply adds it to water to get his daily hit of nutrition.

Robbie says “You have to look after your body and the only way to do that is by using trusted local products that are as easy as possible to use and you don’t have to think about the process too much – that way… when getting nutrition is convenient you can easily make it part of your everyday routine.”



Stuart McMillan

Being a RRP sufferer for over 12 months now, Stuart and his wife Peggy knew they had to find a solution to help manage this incurable disease.

RRP or Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis is a disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

Warty growths or polymers, even though benign, grow in the upper airways which can cause severe and significant life threatening airway obstruction, respiratory complications and voice change.

RRP papillomas have a tendency to grow back after they have been surgically removed.

There is currently no cure for an existing HPV infection, but for most people it would be cleared by their own immune system and there are no known treatments available for the symptoms it can cause.

Stuart’s RRP specialist at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne recommended he find broccoli sprout powder specifically as an alternative way of treating this condition as some of his other patients had shared their stories about this plants positive effects on the polips.

In the past Stuart had to undertake risky surgery every 6 weeks to have polips shaved from his airways – which in turn impacted not his ability to work but his passion for singing. Now having been using Super Sprout Broccoli Sprout Powder for over 12 months, click the video to hear more of Stuarts story.

If you would like to get in touch with Stuart McMillan directly please email and we will forward your message onto Stuart.

Athlete & Ambassador

Jack Druery

I thrive on pushing my body to the limit. But I know I need to do work just as hard behind the scenes with my diet, sleep, mental health, and relationships, which are often not prioritised. With time and age comes new experiences, and looking back I was always health conscious whilst riding, but as I transition into more of a mature athlete I’ve quickly learnt that what you eat makes a big difference to performance when training.

Now that I have full control of my diet, and have the knowledge to plan nutritional meals by preparing the right foods, its much easier to cater for myself and my partner ensuring we get adequate fuel to support our training and busy lifestyles. These days my diet is focused on eating real whole, natural foods to support my bodies composition, recovery and wellness.

I like to eat local Australian made foods and Super Sprout and their range of pure fruit and vegetable powders is now apart of my routine.