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We are looking for like-minded people to collaborate with, and join our Distributor Program in the USA. If this is you and you’d like to know more about who we are and our products, please email us

Our Super Sprout office is located in Princeton, New Jersey and we’re looking for small health focused businesses to help us expand throughout North America and beyond.

Super Sprout’s mission is about creating healthy lifestyles through eating food that is ‘pure, clean, and all natural’ and ‘just as good as real whole foods’ in an easy to use powder form.

Our aim is to lead the way with our 100% pure broccoli sprout powder and the amazing story around the science that authenticates the medicinal benefits these plants have to offer.

Our science based broccoli sprout powder is changing peoples lives and helping to fight a range of chronic diseases including diabetes and obesity by offering wellness solutions that drugs and pharmaceuticals simply cant’.

We look forward to hearing from like minded folks who are invested in making changes by offering real food alternatives to mainstream customers who are looking to fill the gaps between Doctors, Naturopaths and Pharmacists in reducing conventional prescriptive medicines to increasing plant based food options.

We’re small now, but if you join with us, together we an create a movement offering better food solutions for the future.


The Chinese market is a very difficult and rigid environment to tap into especially in relation to exporting premium quality Australian food.

Super Sprout has done it.

We have spent the last 6 years focused on building and nurturing a partnership with a very experienced person who now operates a Super Sprout office based in Beijing. Her and her team are expert in importing Australian products being 100% import ready.

As we know China is a vast region taking into account Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

We are looking for like-minded people to join our Distributor Program and benefit from the business structure already in place to build the brand and products of 100% pure, all natural fruit and vegetable powders, through this vast region – specifically focusing on the medicinal benefits of broccoli sprout powder.

Our science based, pure broccoli sprout powder a food solution that people are searching the world to enable them to close the ‘gaps’ between Doctors, Naturopaths and Pharmaceutics – to reduce the need for prescribed medicines and to increase the use of natural medicines. China unfortunately, is loosing its traditional food diets for more Western Style diets, having detrimental impacts on health and wellbeing, particularly for this generation.

If you’re looking for a new, premium and innovative powdered food product to make small changes in this region and would like to partner with our experienced team, we’d love to hear from you by emailing –