Toddlers can be picky…

By making food something that’s fun and interesting for them, it’s a lot easier to get them to eat healthy food.

These days health-conscious parents have to battle against cartoon packages and food packed full of sugar that kids love to eat.

Getting them to eat something healthy after they’ve got a taste for chocolate isn’t an easy task.

This recipe isn’t just for fun, it also packs a huge nutritional punch and kids can’t even tell.

It’s a simple food hack but it makes getting healthy food into your little one a breeze.


This recipe is so easy to make. Just make sure you use natural yoghurt and not the stuff packed full of sugar.



It’s very simple.

You simply mix the yoghurt with your super sprout powder, add in the berries, place the yoghurt mixture into ice block containers and put them in the freezer overnight.

One tablespoon of super sprout strawberry powder is equal to 16 strawberries so the ice blocks are packed full of nutrition and taste amazing.

You can colour other meals with super sprout powder just by adding one tablespoon.

For example, you could make purple mashed potatoes just by adding two tablespoons of beetroot powder.

Kids love it because it doesn’t really change the flavour but it makes the dish fun.

There’re all sorts of ways to keep your kids interested in eating healthy.

You just need to make it interesting for them!