Meet The SuperSprout Heros – Jack Druery

Experience the benefits of nature’s most powerful ingredients…


The SuperSprout range of products is trusted and recommended by top healthcare professionals, athletes and entertainers who choose SuperSprout to support their specific health needs.

I love to add Super Sprout Beetroot powder and Blueberry Powder to my meals, shakes and snacks, I know that what is going in, is giving me the ability to perform at my peak everyday. It ‘s so easy to throw in a tablespoon of extra nutrition – I don’t really have to think about it too much!

I love the fact that Super Sprout Powders are not a supplement but a pure food alternative including all the vital nutrition necessary to allow me to reach high nutritional targets. Really easy and convenient to use and ready to put in just about anything.

Not only do they taste great, but I like knowing that the nutritional value is there to help me perform at my best.