It seems a bit backward that convincing people to eat healthy is actually a task which requires so much effort.

You’d think that eating healthy would be the standard amongst the majority of people, yet in reality, it has somehow been implanted in people’s mind’s that health food is equal to boring or bad tasting while junk food is equal to delicious.

How things got to be this way is a bit of a mystery, but being that it is the way of the world, those of us who are sold on eating healthy will have to be crafty to sell the idea to those whom we care about and would like to see also start embracing a healthy attitude towards healthy eating.

That’s why we’re offering up our top three ways to sneak some healthy eating in on even the most difficult junk food consumers.

3) Coconut Oil

One thing that just screams “delicious tasting junk food” is butter.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great substitute for butter.

Greasy, buttery and oily foods are amongst the most sinfully delicious.

While the market is packed full of supposed butter substitutes, none of them really seem to be the same, nor could they even be considered healthy in the first place.

Many butter substitutes are so artificially created that it would arguably be healthier to just forget the whole effort and just eat butter.

Luckily, there is a substance out there which is indistinguishable from butter when used properly, and that substance is coconut oil.

Not only is coconut oil interchangeable with butter in many recipes, but it is one of the healthiest oils out there.

Coconut oil is so packed with nutrition and absent of harmful fats that many people will take a spoon full of coconut oil just by itself as a supplement.

If you doubt that coconut oil can be a convincing butter replacement, then it may help to know that one of the most well-known buttery treats in the universe, movie popcorn, was popped using a combination of palm and coconut oil.

Next time you go to bake a batch of cookies, try using coconut oil in place of butter and see for yourself.

2) Nutritional Yeast

Ok, so, maybe it’s not the most appetizing name for a food, but actually, it is quite tasty!

Nutritional yeast

A great healthy substitute for cheese.

Nutritional yeast has a salty, almost cheesy kind of taste and texture.

It could be compared to the powdered cheese found in prepackaged stovetop boxes of macaroni and cheese from the grocery store.

Many vegans use nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute for this reason.

If you wanted to trick your hubby into eating a large portion of broccoli, for example, you could create a vegan cheese sauce out of nutritional yeast and serve the broccoli smothered in it.

Toss in a tablespoon of broccoli sprout powder and it will taste like something you shouldn’t be eating in that it’s too delicious to be healthy food, but secretly it’s nothing but healthy ingredients.

1) Spices And Seasonings.

You may be thinking, “that title is pretty vague.”

spices and seasonings

Learn how to create great flavours.

It is vague, but for good reason.

The fact is that just about any food can be made to taste great if it is prepared and presented in the right way.

The ultimate way to put a desirable spin on health food is to downplay the idea of it being health food at all, and instead, up-sell the overall taste.

That’s why an overall knowledge and understanding of how to properly and creatively use seasonings and spices in the form of salts, peppers, herbs and even sugars is the key to convincing any junk foodie to devour a dish and even return for seconds.

By sneaking in extras like a spoonful of beetroot powder you can add crazy colour and taste to a dish and your husband won’t even know you’re training his pallet to like healthy meals over meat pies.