It is not easy to encourage toddlers to eat healthy food because of their picky taste buds.

Usually, these kids are into foods that have less nutritional value.

If you feed them with junk food everyday, they would eat it and you won’t have a problem dealing with their appetite.

But at the end of the day, that obviously will still be a huge problem because their health would be jeopardized.

As a parent, you have to come up with ideas that would convince them to eat healthy and at the same time, train their palette at a young age in eating only healthy food.

These days junk food is so easy to get, you have to be extra sneaky as a parent to make sure that your kids eat the right thing.

Seems impossible?

Here are three ways on how you could camouflage healthy food in their lunchbox.



Bento style lunch boxes are great for kids. It keeps their lunches fun!

Lots of parents are doing this now.

This means that you will place food in your toddler’s lunchbox using a bento box in a very creative way.

You could check out some YouTube tutorials on how you would be able to turn ordinary healthy food into a cartoon character that they love or their favourite pet.

It is quite challenging because it would surely bring out your creative side.

The art of being intricate with details is something you would encounter in doing this project for your kids.



These zucchini muffins go down a treat with kids!

You could incorporate vegetables in side snacks that your kids love like cupcakes.

You can bake some zucchini cupcakes with a scoop of beetroot powder and make sure they really taste good, so they would even request for it the next time you pack for their lunch.

You could even turn pizza into a healthy one as long as you keep the ingredients with vegetables and real.

Make sure that they are also creatively baked.

The appearance of food for toddlers is important because as soon as it catches their eyes and they loved how the food looked like, there is a huge chance that they will eat it. Keep in mind that presentation is everything.


Pureed vegetables seem to be enjoyed more by kids than raw…

Blending food is another way to be sneaky in placing healthy vegetables and fruits in your toddler’s meal.

Some toddlers are not a fan of solid food and eating purees is what usually gives them no choice but to take in healthy food.

It gives them the illusion of it being easy to eat, so you won’t have to chase them just so their body gets nutrition.

These are the simplest ways to camouflage healthy food in your kid’s meals.

You could even apply it to your children who are already going to school.

In fact, these things would really work for them.

If they see their lunchbox looking appealing, they would even show it off to their friends and classmates.