We all know the struggle…

Dinner time rolls around and the kids roll their eyes…

“I’m not going to eat that!”

Is all too commonly heard at the dinner table.

As parents, it can be exhausting trying to bribe or discipline your kids or even your husband into eating the nutritious food put in front of them.

But when you think about how sensitive your child’s palette is, healthy veggies that we enjoy may taste overpowering to a child’s sensitive taste buds.

Either that or they’re just stubborn as all hell…

So how do you get healthy foods into your kids and family without starting world war three?

The answer is food hacking…

Take spaghetti bolognese for example.

Kids love it. It’s fun to eat and tastes delicious.

So when the kids aren’t looking grab carrots, zucchini,onions, garlic and any other vegetables that you can grate into the bolognese.

After 5 minutes of simmering, the grated vegetables just seem to melt and disappear into the sauce turning a meaty sauce into a healthy one.

Another example is mashed potato.

Kids love eating bangers and mash.

So instead of just mashing potatoes like normal, add a little cheese and some boiled broccoli and mash it all together.

Tell your kids it’s fun green mashed potatoes.

Tell them you just added food colouring to make it green if you have to, they’ll never know you’re spiking them with nutritious broccoli!

Or you can take the easy route and add some broccoli sprout powder.

One tablespoon is equal to a whole punnet of sprouts so you’ll get the same if not more nutrition and there’ll be fewer questions asked about the colour.

On the other hand if you have little girls just add a tablespoon of beetroot powder and you’ll get pink mashed potato.

Little girls love it!

Another great food hack to make a meal healthier is to get a whole lot of nutritious veggies and blend them into a watery puree.

Freeze the puree into ice cubes.

Come dinner time if you’re making a soup or a casserole or anything that has a little sauce, just throw in a couple of cubes of your secret ingredient. The veggie cubes will melt away into nothing and won’t affect the taste of your dish but will pack a punch of vitamins and nutrition.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting creative and sneaky with your cooking.

But if you do struggle for time or creativity in the kitchen the easiest shortcut is simply to add some supersprout powder to the meal.

That way it’s just a 5-second scoop of powder and you’ve added more nutrition to the meal than with any of these other techniques. It just depends on how much time you have and how creative you like to get.