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Super Sprout has a global vision to see a product distributor established on every Continent by 2025.

It is our mission to take Super Sprout powdered foods to every corner of the globe and we’re interested in speaking with you and your business no matter how large or small,  to get us there.

We export to 10 countries already and have the experience and capabilities to get you your products, on time, every time, no matter what volumes you need or what country you’re located in.

Be a part of the Sprout-volution!

Why Import Super Sprout Products?

  • We are leading a revolution in nutrition – be part of it!
  • The global market is ready for foods whose nutritional  benefits go beyond health
  • Proven systems, processes, and resources to ship products around the world as seemly as possible
  • Professional, comprehensive, fully integrated  website which can be used as a developmental and learning tool
  • Point of sale materials freely available with all orders
  • Shared business planning and strategies to assist brand building identifying target market channels
  • We can assist you to create and develop your own brand using our products – from start to finish
  • Already have your own brand, but just need sensational powder to fill them? We an export our materials in Bulk.
  • To share our desire and vision to allow our population to have access to pure foods that are high in nutrition and low in toxins
  • To promote  Australian foods that can be trusted and taste good too!

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