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I'm so happy about taking this wonderful Broccoli sprout powder product. Even though I’ve been on medication for Type 2 diabetes for about a year, my blood sugar levels had not gone down as much as I had expected. During this period, I was looking for some health supplements that could help control my sugar levels in addition to my medication. During this time, on top of having to deal with my blood sugar levels, I also ended up being diagnosed with 'Hyperthyroidism'.

Whilst searching on various health platforms on the internet, I came across the super sprout broccoli sprout product and I decided to give it a try.
I had also been trying out other health supplements but none of them had made a great positive impact on my overall health. However, when I started taking these super sprout broccoli sprout capsules, my sugar levels began to slowly drop to desired levels over the first month and a half of taking the product.

When I went for a follow up appointment with my specialist doctor, we also found out that my levels of thyroid hormones had dropped so significantly that I could no longer be diagnosed as having hyperthyroidism. Even my doctor was surprised, and asked me multiple times what I was taking, that I no longer had to take medication for my hyperthyroidism.
I could not recommend this product more!

Sandra K

Thank you so much for following up. I love your products! I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer last year and threw myself into research. I quickly found studies showing the efficacy of broccoli sprouts in fighting breast cancer cells/bc stem cells and started growing sprouts at home to supplement my treatments (chemo/surgery/radiation). But growing sprouts is a pain - it's time consuming, it can be messy, and I still find (after a year of growing) that I can lose a batch to spoilage.

Then I found your company - what a relief! If I go hiking or on a trip, I just take your product along!

All throughout my treatment, my doctors were impressed with how well I handled my treatments and bounced back. I am convinced the change in eating to a whole food, plant based diet and addition of broccoli sprouts was one of the key factors to me now being NED (no evidence of disease!) at my last PET scan. :)

Please tell your colleagues how much your products mean to me, and my family.

Donna H

I’m not usually a fan of beetroot so I gave Super Sprout Beetroot powder a go and surprisingly found it better than I originally imagined. I add one tsp to a glass of water. It tastes great, is quick and easy to put together and I know I’m gaining all the natural benefits.


Good quality product at a reasonable price. I take this powder with spirulina and chlorella powder and from what I’ve read it makes a good accompaniment as there are properties in sprouted broccoli that the others don’t have. I mix this with my protein shake and although the taste is quite prominent, it does combine very well (no lumps). It’s a top quality product and I would recommend it. Delivery of the product is always prompt.


I heard that beetroots added extra endurance when playing sport, well the experts were right. The powder mixed with juice and taken before a game of football has given me extra legs, and I’m close to 50 years old. Thank you.


My wife and I have a little baby boy who has a oral aversion and doesn’t really like to eat. So when he does he doesn’t get enough calories to grow. He recently had a operation where he now has a Bard button in his belly so he can be tube fed. The tube is only 2mm diameter so using mashed organic fruit and veg is not an option as it has to be watered down that much to stop the tube getting blocked that it loses its nutritional value. So with these great products he can now have all his fruit and veggies and some super foods as well.

So far we have been using all these products for 4 weeks and he has managed to put on 300gms a week so we’re really happy.

Little Thomas

Mix a teaspoon with your morning vegetable juice and start the day with a nutrition hit.

Benson W

First time buyer of this product and have to say I am thoroughly satisfied. Excellent product and will certainly look to purchase other items from the Super selection.


Being vegetarian I add the carrot powder in my Zucchini Slice, surprisingly it doesn’t add size to the dish but it adds a lot in nutrient value and taste.


I used the carrot powder in my morning vegetable juice. I mixed it with barley grass and beetroot powder for a super charged dose of vegetable goodness on an empty stomach in the morning.

Alison VB

Delicious. I absolutely love this product. I am currently wearing braces and eating apples the traditional way is rather difficult. The Apple Powder is an easy way to eat the fibre and nutrients that apples provide without having to pick food out of my teeth afterwards. I simply add a spoonful to my breakfast yoghurt or smoothie and I’m good to go!


Excellent product for health and well being. I use Super Sprout Apple Powder in smoothies to ensure a smooth, sweet and healthy drink.


Adding lemon powder to my oyster stir- fry sauce helps pack dinner with a punch. For extra flavour I marinate the meat overnight. The powder blends so nicely with the sauce and leaves no clumps.

Roslyn D

I have a glass of lemon juice every morning but have used all my lemons from my tree.This is the next best thing great taste mixes well .All the other powders I have bought are also great will always buy from you in future thank you so much.

Sandra P

I received a Free Super Sprout Recipe Book with an order that I placed online. My kids asked me to make the Ginger Biscuits which I had never made before, they were a huge hit in our family so thank you! Can’t wait to see the new Volume 3 book.

Rebecca S

As a gym fit, relatively youthful 53 year old I was recently stunned to be diagnosed with COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, after a life time of asthma. This disease is characterised by the lungs inability to defend themselves with increasing inflammation and oxidative stress. A grim picture indeed.

Of note for all asthmatics, sufferers of bronchitis, COPD, smokers and ex smokers is the detailed research findings from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. They found a remarkable compound found in Broccoli Sprouts known as Sulphorapahane, can literally boost a specific molecule in the cells of the lung, helping to reverse the damage already wrought. In short, it can help restore the lungs natural ability to defend against bacteria up to 300 times better than previously, increase antioxidant properties and decrease inflammation which helps us breathe better.

This compound, readily available from the Super Sprout Company in an organic form, is a wonderful and absolutely indispensible adjunct to traditional medicine. It literally treats the causative factors of lung disease rather than just the symptoms. It has turned my life into one of hope and better health. You need a doctor, you need to be informed, and you need the Super Sprout Broccoli Powder to best manage your precious health.

I quote Dr Robert Wise of Johns Hopkins University on the results of their studies ‘this research helps explain the long established links betwen diet and disease.’ The fact that drug companies are racing to create similar acting synthetic drugs is a potent reminder of the value of this and other research.

I urge all people interested in their health or those of loved ones to seriously consider that some of the answers to todays most destructive diseases may actually come from nature. Broccoli Sprouts can be an integral pathway to self empowerment.

Thank you all at Super Sprout for the wonderful products you create.

Anthony L

A wonderful pure strawberry powder that can be added to your food and cooking. Tastes wonderful in milk, ice ream and yoghurt. Great in cakes. Smells good too. Nice to have in the home for that added flavour boost to desserts.

Dana W

As a mother of two daughters eating healthy became quite important to me. I never used to question anything I ate until I had children and had to wonder what they were eating. I would go to bed at night stressing mainly about my oldest daughter (summa, 3) who had become anti everything but yoghurt and cheese. We had tried every trick in the book to get her to eat her veggies but nothing really worked. I then came across Super Sprout and realised i could sneak it in just about everything! I loved that it was Australian, organic and most of all 100% pure and natural veggie powder! I started putting broccoli sprout mixed into the yoghurt, carrot powder on top of her cheese and if i had come up short with my est time for getting them dinner, I would put the veggie powders mixed in with tuna. I love the versatility of the powders and that they can slip in unnoticed to any meal, snack or beverage.


First time buyer of this product and have to say I am thoroughly satisfied. Excellent product and will certainly look to purchase other items from the Super selection.


I just wanted to thank you and Melinda for bringing such a brilliant change to my life. 6 months ago: not that long after I found out I had diabetes I found Super Sprout. I had to make lifestyle changes to manage to my eating & exercise habits for longevity.

Super Sprout was an easy addition to my daily eating plan. I am a qualified cook by trade and I found myself experimenting with your superb foods, I don’t have them as an alternative to fresh food, I have them constantly as an addition to my meals. The reality is that within 2 months of taking Super Sprout as a regular part of my food routines, I was taken off one lot of my Diabetes medication. This thrilled me and greatly impressed my doctor as my blood sugars and Cholesterol were in the high range previously.

I have converted many people now to Super Sprout, it’s the easiest thing in the world, once they taste, and see what they can do for the health of their loved ones, and they want to get more. I now have regular orders from my own circles, which led me to tell all my friends and family about it. They loved it so much that I’ve now made a business from it. I’ve become a Tasmanian Distributor of the entire range with the aim of becoming Super Sprout’s National Brand Distributor.

Super Sprout has changed my life, and I want to champion change in other people’s lives. I have a friend interstate that has so fallen for your product she wants to get involved in promoting the Super Sprout brand to her circles, so our ripples are just beginning Kellie.
Melinda and you are superstars in my eyes Kellie. Thank you for giving me the genuine means to help my own health and for giving me the opportunity to grow a business with you that WILL make a real change in people’s health.

Frank J

I replace the bananas in my Banana Bread recipe with Blueberry Powder, it’s also great with Strawberry and Apple Powder too!


I love this powder for cake decorating! Using the powder doesn’t thin down the butter cream as fresh berries would but I can still achieve a great fresh strawberry taste. You just can’t get this taste using artificial flavourings.


This has to be one of the best health products I have come across. There is a lot of research about beetroot and its wide ranging benefits, however eating it daily isn’t practical. Super Sprout beetroot powder allows me to use it in food or even in my juices.

Bryce N

Blueberry powder is THE best ! The first tub I purchased lasted merely a week. Mixing it with water is a great way to sweeten and flavor plain jane water.

And it is really good for you. Hooray for Super Sprout. I am so glad I found you!


So easy to add extra Nutrition to my foods. I am so pleased with this product. it tastes nice. I have added it into cakes, breakfast cereal , porridge, and smoothies. Love the taste thanks!


This has to be one of the best health products I have come across. There is a lot of research about beetroot and its wide ranging benefits, however eating it daily isn’t practical. Super Sprout beetroot powder allows me to use it in food or even in my juices.

Bryce N

It is with pleasure that I write to tell you how much we love the Super Sprout products. We have two autistic children and for anyone who doesn't know, one of their many issues is texture and colour of foods. Therefore it is difficult to get them to eat vegetables; in our son's case, anything green! To have discovered a highly nutritious, Australian certified organic vegetable powder that can be stirred into various dishes, is just fabulous!
We are currently using the Broccoli Sprout Powder with great success! There is absolutely no way the children would eat florets of steamed broccoli and so using the sprout powder means they are not even aware they're consuming a super food that's rich in antioxidants!

One of the greatest uses of your Broccoli Sprout Powder is in the home made yeast extract spread (like Vegemite) that we make up. It is a simple recipe and the children have it spread on toast morning and night and often in a sandwich for school lunches. We love it spread on toast and topped with mashed avocado, lemon juice and salt/pepper.

Recipe for home made AZ Mite

2 tbls Super Sprout Broccoli Sprout Powder
2 tbls premium nutritional yeast seasoning
2 tbls organic black Tahini

Stir together using organic Tamari and a little E.V. olive oil to combine to desired thickness and spreadability. Store in sealed container in refrigerator.

Glenys P, Gympie, QLD

I had been making fresh juices in the morning for some time, & one day I ran out a fresh beetroot. I could not find fresh beetroots at the supermarket. I went to the health food shop and found this Super Sprout beetroot power!!

It changed my life, this product was amazing. I use it daily and its 100% pure vegetables powder with no additives and preservatives. The taste is amazing.

I'm using 3 products of super sprouts: wheatgrass, ginger,and beetroot, the wheat grass. I use them in my green juice combined together, and I use the ginger powder in my lemon and honey drink.

Super sprout does a good job of ensuring the highest quality and preserving the nutritional values of each product.

Wally F, 62 yrs old

The information provided about Super Sprout organic wheatgrass sprout powder is beneficial and I will continue to purchase your products. I am using the product for dental care to heal my gums. I have used this product for two days and already can see results.

The dentist wants to do a root canal treatment and I would prefer a natural alternative and I am thankful for your organic wheatgrass sprouts which seems to making a difference.

Ma Z, Beijing

I am so happy with the Broccoli Sprout Powder that I received and will certainly be ordering more. I know it has all the health benefits I need, as I feel much healthier since I have been having it. I mix it in with my green smoothies, which is easy to do, and am assured of no added chemicals.

I also have it in my warm drink at night and seem to sleep much better at night. I make my own Almond milk as I am allergic to cows milk.

1 cup of Almond Milk warmed in a saucepan
1 tblsp Honey
1 scoop of Broccoli Sprout Powder
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon, drink just before bedtime.
I don't wake up during the night feeling I should have eaten something.

Great Product

Carolyn E

I use Super Sprout powder to add flavour to plain Greek Yoghurt & add to my smoothies and include fresh strawberries when available. I also always pack the powder when I travel as I add it with Protein Powder & dried skim milk powder in a shaker for a nutritional alternative / meal replacement to fast food when food choices are limited.

Barbara, Gerroa, NSW

I love the strawberry flavour I find it so versatile, unadulterated, 100% natural, the taste is perfect and
dissolves easily makes my "go to product" for flavour & colour.

Barbara, Gerroa, NSW

I am so glad that I found Super Sprout because I trust this company and buy many organic products from them! I especially love the beet root powder which I add to my favorite muffin recipe -- super healthy and delicious, as well! The Broccoli Sprouts are another product I feel good about consuming because of the health benefits they provide.

My favorite flavor is the Beet Root powder because it adds a sweetened taste (not overpowering, but just right!) to my muffin recipe, plus it's a powerful super food, and being organic makes it so much better!

I use the beet root powder in my favorite muffin recipe. My kids love the flavor, as well, and I know that they are getting a high-quality nutritious food which makes me very pleased! Thank you, Super Sprout!

Cathy, New York (U.S.A.)

I have been using super sprouts powders for 2 years now. I had a health challenge and wanted to use only organic and also super foods to strengthen my immune system and body. My resent blood test showed all minerals balanced and body in a very healthy state. I would recommend these organic powders to anyone looking to improve their diet and health.

I use the wheat grass, broccoli and beetroot powders in my morning breakfast drink every day. I use flaxseed oil, organic berries, coconut water, quark and a spoonful of these 3 super sprout powders plus a spoon of organic cocao power. It is delicious and so healthy!!!!!!

I love the wheat grass powder which I add to fresh carrot beetroot and lemon juice every day as a powerful adjunct to cleanse the liver and boost the oxygen flow in the blood. I do this as these effects have been proven to be a boost for a healthy body.

Lisa, South Australia

I love Super Sprout because the quality is excellent and an Australian product made with Australian produce. The service and delivery is efficient and when i did run into a problem with a delivery going astray they sourced the problem from their end and kept me informed at all times resulting in a good outcome. Any queries regards the product and they are only a telephone call away and very willing to assist with information.

Barbara, Gerroa, NSW