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An Australian company that has attracted widespread attention with its coconut (broccoli) bud powder product may also play a role in combating the health effects of air pollution in China.

Super Sprout has produced 100% pure non-GMO fruits and vegetable powders in recent years and has experienced rapid development. Currently, the products are sold nationwide in Australia and exported to the United States and China.

In China, the discovery of coconut (broccoli) buds in nearly 300 male and female clinical trials in one of the most polluted areas may help prevent and reduce air pollution.

Published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, a 2014 study found that participants who participated in beer brewed with coconut (broccoli) buds discharged carcinogenic chemical benzene faster from the body through the urine.

Researchers have shown that sulforaphane, a plant compound in coconut flower (broccoli) bud beverages, can reduce the risk of breast, bladder and prostate cancer, help control blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol.

Melinda Richards, founder of Super Sprout, will visit China next month, and she said the findings suggest a health benefits for coconut (broccoli) bud powder.

“We have long known that the nutritional value of coconut (broccoli) bud powder is unbelievable, but its potential to mitigate the effects of pollution has provided our Chinese customers with more food considerations,” she said.

“Air pollution is a serious public health problem, especially in countries with large populations such as China. The co-authors of the research paper point out that it is not enough to reduce pollution emissions.” He said that we also need to use science to find protection from individuals. The method of exposure to polluted environments, and the discovery of the effect of broccoli (broccoli) buds suggests that a food-based strategy is one way to achieve this. ”

Ms. Melinda Richards said that Super Sprout planted coconut (broccoli) buds in the environmental control workshop of the factory in northern Melbourne , where it harvested bean sprouts, freeze-dried and ground into powder, through healthy food stores across Australia and organically. Food store and online store sales.

“One teaspoon of crushed coconut (broccoli) buds contains about 10 teaspoons of coconut (broccoli) buds without any hidden additives,” Ms. Melinda Richards said.

Compared to fresh vegetables, Super Sprout’s coconut (broccoli) bud powder provides convenience, long shelf life, and a higher concentration of sulforaphane for each serving, instantly turning each meal into a “superfood” “.

Super Sprout is an award-winning Australian family-owned company specializing in the production of 100% natural fruit and vegetable powders, as well as high quality fresh, gluten-free and vegan foods to meet the needs of the Australian and global food markets.