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Attention Athletes! Eat More Ginger, Recover Faster

It turns out that ginger, the antioxidant-packed spice long thought to bolster immunity, can also enhance your fitness by lowering inflammation and dulling pain in your muscles. The latest study of this root found that ginger speeds muscle-strength recovery after you lift weights. Previously, research revealed that ginger can tame exercise-induced inflammation and mute muscle… Read more »


We’re growing!!! is now

Super Sprout is experiencing increased worldwide demand for our award-winning, high quality, pure whole-food powders. To reflect our increasing global presence, is now We are extremely grateful to you, our loyal customers for our growth.  We are also pleased to see that so many people around the world are trending towards eating better… Read more »


Drinking Beetroot Juice Regularly May Help People Exercise Longer

In a new study from American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, healthy male subjects who drank beetroot juice for 15 days had lower blood pressure and more dilated blood vessels at rest and during exercise. Blood vessels also dilated more easily and the heart consumed less oxygen during exercise with beetroot juice consumption.… Read more »


Hooray! International Shipping Now Available!

Super Sprout is experiencing worldwide demand for our award-winning, high quality, pure whole-food powders. Our new warehouse and order fulfilment center is online and ready to meet this demand. Plus we have negotiated extremely competitive international shipping rates to bring our customers the best possible low pricing. We are pleased to see that so many people around the world are… Read more »