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Secret to Super Smoothies

Power up your smooothies with Super Sprout   Get your daily dose of fruit and veg in just a few spoon fulls! With the busy lifestyles we live, even the most organised person can struggle to find the time to source and consume the right amount of nutrients. Smoothies are a great and convenient way… Read more »


Why Supplements don’t Work

In this era of instant gratification, silver bullet solutions and over-extended lives, the one area  where the day-to day short-cuts are most prevalent, is in the area of food.    The food industry is a behemoth monster, gobbling up trends, providing mis-information and  selling consumers instant products that are rarely good for our health.   … Read more »


Healthy Food Choices Made Fun for the Whole Family

Being a health advocate Melinda Richards is often asked to comment or contribute articles on the topic of health and healthy eating. The below was a recent article from Melinda on the Family Capers website. Encouraging your children to make healthy food choices can feel like a nutritional battleground, and to your little ones, veggies… Read more »


Australian Companies Can Play an Active Role in Combating Environmental Pollution in China

View Original Article here in ENGLISH OR MANDARIN – Excerpt below for your convenience An Australian company that has attracted widespread attention with its coconut (broccoli) bud powder product may also play a role in combating the health effects of air pollution in China. Super Sprout has produced 100% pure non-GMO fruits and vegetable powders… Read more »

READ MORE – All Round Boss Article Featuring Super Sprout

View Original Article here – Excerpt below for your convenience All Round Boss Super Sprout is 100% pure fruit and vegetable powders which are just as good as eating fresh produce. They offer a convenient, quick and longer shelf-life alternative to fresh produce and are fantastic to get the kiddies to eat their greens. Interview with… Read more »


Super Sprout Featured in F-Magazine

View Original Article here – Excerpt below for your convenience Melinda Richards is the founder and CEO of Super Sprout, a business which sells 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders. The entrepreneur is also a Gold Coast mum who has recently made her mark in the Masters Games. Melinda is an inspiration, juggling mum-life, her… Read more »


Super Sprout Owner Recognised for Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Read the whole article here – Melinda Featured in ChemPro Magazine – “Inside Gold Coast” Exert below She’s the Gold Coast Mum who recently made her mark in the Masters Games crediting her performance to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Not only competing on a national stage though, Melinda Richards is also the owner… Read more »


Entrepreneur believes in the power of pure broccoli sprout powder

MELINDA Richards first learnt about the power of broccoli sprouts when she was helping her mother fight breast cancer a decade ago. “John Hopkins University discovered, about 20 years ago, there was this compound called sulforaphane, which was particularly potent in broccoli sprouts,” says the Queensland-based entrepreneur. “When they started to research it, they found… Read more »