As a proud and responsible parent of kids, it’s an obvious given that it’s on you to keep them fed.

Not only is a pressing matter to keep them fed, but also to make sure they are fed well, and by well I mean with foods that are healthy, wholesome and full of the nutrients and substance that keep them in school and out of the doctor’s office.

There, however, lies a serious challenge…

We all know that the best way to keep a kid from eating something is to tell them that it’s healthy.

In a world that seems to market the unhealthiest, sugary and processed foods directly and exclusively to children, parents have to compete with huge marketing campaigns and colorful cartoon characters to sell a kid on eating things that will allow them to keep all of their teeth past their twenties.]

This can be an arduous and tiring task, which is why this article will help to arm you with a few tricks for your sleeve that can sneak in some healthy foods while appealing to a kid’s like for bright colors and staying off of their “parent radar.”

So without further ado, I give these recipes to transform you into a nutrition ninja that will sneak in unnoticed and hit those kids with a kick of healthiness where they would least expect it; their lunch box.

Peanut butter, banana and honey on whole wheat:

peanut butter banana sandwhich

Peanut butter and banana sandwhich

I can already hear you scoffing at how obvious this one might seem, but the classic peanut butter sandwich is  a kid approved,  time-tested favorite of old.

An average peanut butter sandwich would contain common major label peanut butter which is full of processed sugars and hydrogenated oils, along with jelly, which is not really a fruit, but more of a mish-mash of pure sugar organized into a symbol of a fruit.

In our recipe, however, we can sneak in a fully balanced meal in one swift punch without them ever raising an eyebrow.

The trick is to buy organic or locally made peanut butter, which is low on sugars and chalked full of healthy fats and proteins. The sugar is replaced with locally farmed honey, which is actually healthy and helps build an immunity to allergies, the sugary jelly is replaced with a potassium rich banana and a sprinkle of strawberry powder.

The bleached junk filler known as white bread is replaced with a high fiber slice of wheat bread. They won’t notice it’s healthy. They’ll likely even ask for more.

Yoghurt-berry-hemp-granola parfait.

yoghurt berry parfait

Kids love anything with yoghurt.

This dish has all the sweetness of any candied desert, the creamy appearance of an ice-cream-Sunday, and a ton of vitamins, grains, cultures, and enzymes.

Yoghurt is basically a culture of bacteria that is beneficial to digestion and actually increases the amounts of nutrients that the body can absorb in a meal when combined with other foods.

Berries are full of vitamins like niacin and ascorbic acids.

Hemp granola may sound like something that you’d take in a nap-sack to a Jerry Garcia show, but in fact the hemp seeds and fibers in hemp granola have absolutely no psychoactive properties, and is considered a super food for its unique chemical makeup which includes every single amino acid the body could need, all wrapped up in one little seed.

Not only will they love it, but you’ll be the cool, edgy parent that the kids think are hip, all the while they are none-the-wiser.

Cheesy eggs in a basket.

cheesy eggs

Cheesy eggs or egg in the hole.

This one veers away from the sweet tooth for a moment and caters to one of the few savories that kids can’t seem to get enough of Cheesy bread.

This one’s simple and full of sustenance.

Simply get a bread of choice, (preferably one of some nutritional value,) Poke an egg-sized hole in the middle of each slice, melt some butter or olive oil in a pan and fry the bread with an egg in the center.

Once it’s all nice and hot, toss some grated cheddar over the top and let it cook into the bread.

This one is a bit heavy, but kids see it as fun and it sneaks the ever-nutritious egg right through their defenses. Wrap in plastic or foil, drop it in the box and send them off to be successful future doctors and lawyers.

A simple square of dark chocolate.

dark chocolate

It might take a few tries but they’ll get used to it.

This one is sort of like the token treat that parents throw into a sort of bribe their kids into eating the rest, and let’s face it, we are dealing with kids here, so a full blown treat is bound to be in demand at some point.

What many may not know is that quality dark chocolate is full of antibiotics and helps balance the  chemistry of the brain, resulting in increased focus and generally happier moods.

While this one can backfire if you overdo it, in moderation there has been found to be a whole slew of benefits from eating dark chocolate on a regular basis. Kids love chocolate, so you can sneak one in on them by ensuring it’s dark chocolate.

So there you have it:

Four examples of how you can sit back and laugh maniacally in your mind as your kids eat healthy food like it was a birthday cake. The beauty is that you both will have the feeling that you’ve gotten away with something, but the parents can have the last laugh…