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What Are the Benefits of Eating Broccoli Sprouts?

Broccoli sprouts are nature’s uber super food. The world is now turning to broccoli sprouts as they grow in reputation as nature’s nutritional powerhouse!

Broccoli sprouts are loaded with antioxidants, rich in vitamins. minerals and fibre, have generous amounts of folic acid and contain some of the highest levels of vitamins A and C of any food. Broccoli sprouts are a potent super nutrient which supports normal cell development and immune function.

But what makes broccoli sprouts truly special is that they produce a high amount of Sulforaphane – more than any other cruciferous vegetable. Research has shown that Sulforaphane can be a key ingredient in the fight against cancer.

Why Is Super Sprout Broccoli Sprout Powder So Unique?

Recent testing by the Queensland Government laboratories by David Williams PhD, Senior Chemist in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry shows that Super Sprout Broccoli Sprout Powder has all the right compounds to produce a high level of Sulforaphane.

Our broccoli sprout powder delivers the following results:

  • Enzyme activity is not destroyed by the Super Sprout production process.
  • Potential Sulforaphane levels are maximised by our agricultural harvesting processes and world class growing facilities
  • High levels of Myrosinase and Glucoraphanin
  • Proven enzyme activity providing a high conversion rate of Glucoraphanin producing an average yield of 0.7% Sulforaphane (Le. more than 80% of the Glucoraphanin is converted to the active Sulforaphane)
  • There is very little ESP present in Super Sprout broccoli sprouts.
  • Our broccoli sprout powder is 100% pure.
  • The finest quality powder with no other ‘fillers’ or additives.
  • Australian Certified Organic.
  • USDA Certified
  • Long shelf life – the enzyme activity is not depleted with either age nor shelf life.
  • And finally Super Sprout is fantastic value for money, so everyone can access the sensational benefits of broccoli sprouts quickly and conveniently

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5 Organic Powders

Get Real Organic

Organic certification means that Super Sprout’s 100% pure and natural vegetable and fruit powders meet the strictest standards of purity.  Since Super Sprout is Australian Certified Organic (ACO), you can trust that your vegetable and fruit powders are free from chemicals, pesticides, and genetic modifications. The ACO label means compliance with national production standards and allows trace-back of all products to their origins.

Get Real Farms

Super Sprout’s farming standards adhere to the standards of the USDA NOP – National Organic Program (USA). The NOP regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced.

Australian Grown

Get Real Australian

It’s The Super Sprout Way to care for your food from Farm to Family. You know what you’re getting, and how the products have been produced.

You are guaranteed that animals have been treated well under Australia’s rules and that the people making the products are treated and paid fairly.

Super Sprout is a family business – deeply committed to the health of the planet, its workers, and to you.



Get Real Gluten-Free

There is no doubt that certain foods are causing unwanted symptoms in our bodies. People of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds are seeking alternate food sources and supplies.

If you have Celiac Disease or are living gluten free, 100% pure, non-GMO, vegetable and fruit powder provides you with a tasty, convenient and stress-free source of dense nutrition.

It is The Super Sprout Way to provide you with a healthy alternative. Pure, delicious vegetable and fruit powders can broaden your menu options, help you avoid foods harmful to your health, and boost your daily nutrition – all with a simple and convenient sprinkle, stir or swirl.

Nutrient Dense

Get Real Nutrient Density

It’s The Super Sprout Way to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. People who eat a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables consistently have the lowest rates of chronic disease, they maintain healthier body weights, and live longer.
Did you know that the diverse colors of fruits and vegetables represent different nutrients and antioxidants?

Get Real Blueberries

Anthocyanins, nature’s most powerful antioxidant, gives blueberries their dark blue color and are essential for overall good health.

Get Real Beetroot

The red color in produce like beetroot and strawberries is usually a sign of vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene.

Get Real Greens

Greens such as broccoli sprouts are considered to be 20 times more nutritious than any other plant.

Real, Whole Food

Get Real Nutrition

Skip synthetic vitamin pills and Get Real vegetable and fruit powered nutrition! Why choose Super Sprout plant powders instead of vitamin supplements?

  • Super Sprout is pure and all natural. Vitamins are made from synthetic ingredients.
  • Super Sprout is certified organic. Vitamins contain binding agents that are foreign to your body.
  • Absorption of vitamins may be more difficult for your body to process than ‘real food’.
  • Children find it difficult to swallow pills. Super Sprout can actually enhance the appearance of children’s food to entice healthy eating.
  • Super Sprout powders can be absorbed quickly and easily bringing you noticeable benefits sooner!

Long-life Food

Get Real Shelf Life

Consumers are increasingly embracing freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders as a revolutionary new way to eat. Freeze-dried, concentrated vegetable and fruit powders are shelf-stable, and offer the same benefits as fresh produce. Only water and moisture have been removed from fruit and veggies during the production process, preserving essential nutrients for your sprinkling ease. The powders can be used in casseroles, soups, sauces, cakes, salads, juices and smoothies and won’t spoil on your counter if you go out of town for the weekend. Enjoy a rainbow of colors each day by adding 100% pure, natural and delicious Super Sprout powders into your current meals to boost your nutritional intake and add more color to your diet.

Optimal-Weight Friendly

Get Real Body

It’s The Super Sprout Way to support your healthy, active lifestyle. Use our 100% pure, natural and delicious vegetable and fruit powders to help you develop a wonderful relationship with food, and your strong, healthy body. Eating is one of the most pleasurable things that we do every day and Super Sprout, 100 % pure, non-GMO, real vegetable and fruit powders are a delicious, convenient way to get the nutrition your real body needs to thrive.

Paleo Compatible

Get Real Whole Foods

It’s The Super Sprout Way to offer a diet largely based on simple, pure foods. The Paleo Diet does the same. The Paleo approach advocates eating whole foods, high in nutrition and low in sugar and toxins, and it supports a healthy attitude about fruits and vegetables. Super Sprout pure, natural, non-GMO vegetable and fruit powders are a delicious way to get your daily dose of nutrient dense whole foods while eating Paleo.

Fussy Eaters

Get Real Kids


Parents are concerned with ensuring that their children receive lots of nutrients in their diet so they can have the best start in life, and grow up to be fit and healthy. However, as much as we try, 95% of us do not get our daily allowance of fruit and vege

tables. It’s The Super Sprout Way to provide fussy eaters with the nutrient-rich, delicious, real food they need to grow up strong, happy and healthy. Super Sprout 100% pure, natural, non-GMO vegetable and fruit powders are a stress-free way to ensure your children are getting the nutrition they need.

Volume Discounts

Get Real Discounts

Take advantage of our special discounts when purchasing products in volumes.

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$400 $80

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