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Lemons contain many substances that promote immunity and fight infection!

Lemon is jam-packed full of Vitamin C! Access the wonderful taste of Lemon any time with Super Sprout’s 100% Pure Lemon Powder.

  • Lemon is a diuretic helping to flush toxins and bad bacteria from the body and is jam-packed with Vitamin C
  • When mixed with hot water, lemon is effective in curing many digestion problems and releasing toxins from the Liver
  • Lemon can also act as a general tonic for the Liver Lemon is a natural and wonderful way to add flavour to your favourite food
  • A natural freeze dried product, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • The finest quality powder with no other products or “fillers” added – just 100% Pure Lemon Powder

Add Super Sprout Lemon Powder to freshly boiled tea for some extra zing – perfect when combined with the Ginger Powder! Wonderful for cakes, salad dressings and delicious with fish!


Lemon Sorbet
Gluten Free Lemon Pancakes
Lemon Chicken


Anti-oxidant Rich Foods
Australian Grown Foods
Foods with Vitamin C
No artificial colours
No preservatives

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Lemon lovers say great things about Super Sprout

I have a glass of lemon juice every morning but have used all my lemons from my tree.This is the next best thing great taste mixes well .All the other powders I have bought are also great will always buy from you in future thank you so much. Sandra. Ps and thank you Bev. (SS Customer Service Rep)

- Sandra

Adding lemon powder to my oyster stir- fry sauce helps pack dinner with a punch. For extra flavour I marinate the meat overnight. The powder blends so nicely with the sauce and leaves no clumps.

- Roslyn Davis

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