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The Super Sprout Way

...makes it easy (and fun) for you and your family to Get Real nutrition every day. Use our all natural, delicious real food powders with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, to support your health and happiness.

It's time to Get Real!
- Melinda, Founder

What is Super Sprout?

100% pure, real, non-GMO fruit and vegetable powders with no additives, preservatives or artificial colors.

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What do I do with it?

Use them however you like! Simply sprinkle, swirl, or stir into snacks, drinks, soups or any recipe. Just use your imagination! Wherever you use fruit and vegetables, you can use Super Sprout powders.

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How much do I use?

The powders are concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot. Our recommendation is to use small portions initially then add the powders to taste. Always seek the advice of your Naturopath if unsure.

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Hundreds of uses; 10 healthy powders (7 Certified!)

Welcome to Super Sprout

A revolution in nutrition!
Power your way to a healthier lifestyle with Super Sprout real food powders.

Imagine your happy, healthy body enjoying loads of fresh, nutrient-packed organic fruits and vegetables each day. You feel vibrant and alive – literally glowing with good health.

We all know that eating well means feeling good, but it’s a challenge to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day. As a result, our healthy glow fades and our optimal health is compromised.

Putting essential nutrition back into your diet can be a snap. Super Sprout offers easy and convenient fruit and vegetable powders that can be mixed, sprinkled or swirled into any food.

Super Sprout makes it easy to eat pure, real food containing powerful nutrients – vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

Add Super Sprout to every meal. One simple, delicious change is all it takes to increase your good health.




Super Sprout organic food powders are real food. Easily add them to any food for a nutrient-packed daily dose of fruits and vegetables.



A collection of the best Super Sprout supercharged recipes from our staff, our distributors and our loyal and passionate customers!

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Save money with our healthy product packages. Super Sprout healthy fruit and vegetable powders are now available in multi-packs.

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What they're saying...

Five Leaves

Hi-I just wanted to say that we love your products! This is our third order.
My father, who has been fighting cancer, really relies on the broccoli sprout powder. We also tried the broccoli sprout capsules and the beetroot powder and we love just as much. We are looking forward to trying other flavours. Thanks so much!

Kelly & Myoung-Sun

Five Leaves

This has to be one of the best health products I have come across. There is a lot of research about beetroot and its wide ranging benefits, however eating it daily isn’t practical. Super Sprout beetroot powder allows me to use it in food or even in my juices.

Bryce N

Five Leaves

So easy to add extra Nutrition to my foods. I am so pleased with this product. it tastes nice. I have added it into cakes, breakfast cereal , porridge, and smoothies. Love the taste thanks!


Five Leaves

I have always had trouble keeping broccoli fresh, now I no longer have this problem.

Colleen Harrison